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Open Application for 13th Leadership Conference
by System Administrator - Wednesday, 23 October 2013, 12:04 PM

Dear Student,

As a continuation of several successful Leadership Conferences for VDMS scholars, which was the last Leadership Conference held  last year in Puntondo – Makassar. Van Deventer-Maas Stichting (VDMS) will again organize this year 2 (two) Leadership Conference in Lombok and Banjarmasin, for a group of 16 students each conference, start on 11 – 16 November, and 9-13 December 2013.

The main subject of the program will be an understanding and creating on how to develop a society. Core competence of this program will be worked out and discovered by the participants, which will be supported by facilitators. All participants will learn the idea of sustainability, you also will learn how to be a leader who creates sustainable affects to your community, to be active, to be proactive, to be creative, and to be critical. Thus you are expected to learn how to manage it. All competences are in the academic purpose, to broaden your perspective is on your surrounding environment. As a series of application and selection process, you are required to fill in and write down several questions about “Leadership”.

To participate in this program you need a computer and good internet access. You can work on it at any time of the day. The Online Assignment of 13th Leadership Conference will take about 3 (three) weeks: 22 October - 8 November 2013. After you log in, please read the announcement and guideline carefully.

To access this program, you must log in through http://vandeventerschool.org/

The Van Deventer School Leadership Conference consists of three steps:

[1] Leadership Test, 

[2] Motivation Letter,

[3] How do you know about “Sustainable Society Development” (Essay) 

The best 16 of each conference will be selected based on the highest score of the online assignment. Please work seriously. Please see attachment for the user guide. Should you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact Pungky Andriyani, 081 335 578 258 or 085 746 661 323 or 081 802 701 425, please mention your name on your text (sms).

Thank you and Good Luck.